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We have chosen these two very compatible breeds because when crossed, they create a large, versatile, family friendly dog without the droopy jowls and eyes that often come with the Newfoundland, and without the cancer risk that tends to plague purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs. We have naturally chosen to breed only the healthiest of these two breeds so that our puppies can be expected to have a long and productive life with your family and ours. Once home, you can choose to participate in a wide variety of activities with your Bernefie. They are intelligent fluffy people pleasers. They can be taught agility, competitive obedience, guarding, search & rescue, therapy, or my personal favorite: carting. They also make excellent family pets being especially gentle and tolerant of children. Our puppies will be exposed to a variety of animals on our small hobby farm as well, including chickens, cats, and horses.

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