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Bellaclan Border Collies
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USABellaclan Border Collies

Border Collie Dogs Breeder in BRYANTOWN, MD, USA

  • Breed(s):

    Border Collie

  • Achievements & Awards:

    Multiple Champions and titled dogs world wide, Breeder of Merit, Canadian Kennel Club Permanently Reg. Kennel Name, AKC Bred with a H.E.A.R.T

  • Clubs & Associations:

    BCSA Member In Good Standing, CKC Member in Good Standing

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    Stud Services Available


We believe in QUALITY over QUANTITY!!!! We do NOT breed as a business. We breed the highest quality Border Collies that we possibly can and we don't spare any expenses to do so. We don't just brag about how great our dogs are, we PROOVE it, and we put our money where our mouths at by paying thousands per year to compete with our dogs!! Our dogs actively compete and participate in many dogs event, both dogs that live with us and those with their owners. We compete in conformation, agility, obedience, rally-o, barn hunt, dock diving, disk, trick dog training, tracking, barn hunt, nose/scent work and of course herding. Many of our dogs end up as family pets too but our dogs winning at competitions proves that your getting QUALITY as these competitions work like quality control. They show why we charge what we do for puppies! :) Our pups are raised with Puppy Culture, AVID dog and in our home (not a kennel or a barn!), they are underfoot and get used to house life as well as recieve daily scientifically proven socialization. We only breed ONE BREED, Border Collies, as we believe in being a master of one trade vs a jack of all trades and a master of non! We have been in this breed for over 25 years! We do NOT charge more for certain colors as we put the exact same amount of love, training and effort into each puppy. Border Collies commonly come in many colours, there really are not very many "rare" colours as the breed is accepted in all colours. We DO NOT have puppies all year round! I am at home full time and my husband only goes to the office 3 days per week so our dogs get constant care 24/7 and our litters have us doting on them non stop. Our adult dogs don't just sit around all day, we are constantly taking them on hikes, training, taking them on road trips, to dogs shows and training classes. We know that happy parents make happy well adjusted puppies. We must approve of all homes and we love to talk about our "kids"!

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