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Elysian Border Collies LLC
LECOMA, MO, 65401, USA
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USAElysian Border Collies LLC

Border Collie Dogs Breeder in LECOMA, MO, USA


We deliver well-rounded border collies that showcase quality characteristics in key areas: athleticism, drive, health, instinct, intelligence, and temperament. Our puppies are health tested through Canine Health Check to ensure they are clear and not carriers for inheritable diseases. Puppies visit to our local vet to receive health evaluations, 6 and 8 week vaccinations and worming as well as health certificates. Our puppies are guaranteed to not be at risk for common border collie inheritable diseases: Multidrug Resistance 1, trapped neutrophil syndrome, intestinal cobalamin malabsorption, neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis 5, degenerative myelopathy, myotonia congenita, and collie eye anomaly. Puppies begin enrichment as early as birth through early neurological stimulation, agility trial sounds desensitization, introduction to behavioral shaping and clicker training, and experience a first look on birds. Puppies are raised on a holistic diet of Wellness dog food. Our puppies are dual Registered in both ABCA and AKC venues.

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