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Best Family Cavapoo
MORONI, UT, 84646, USA
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USABest Family Cavapoo

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Poodle (Miniature), Poodle (Toy) and Cavapoo-Poodle (Toy) Mix Dogs Breeder in MORONI, UT, USA


I love Cavapoos and poodles! They are the best Family dog! When I was searching for a dog that would be just right for my family. I knew I wanted a dog that didn't shed, that was not too big but could still hike and go camping with us. I also wanted a dog that would fit on my lap and like to cuddle with us, and didn't have too much high energy, and was amazing with kids. That is what a Cavapoo and a poodle are. I love the look of Cavilers but they shed too much. You mix that with a poodle and you get perfect. Cavapoos and poodles are so smart and not too hyper but still love to play. Our Annie is so loyal to her family. She follows me all over the house and wants to be where everyone is. She is very protective of her family and makes sure that we are safe. We love our litters just as much as we love our Annie. We treat them like family and as if we are going to keep them. We work on training them and our litters get lots of attention. We have the best family dogs because they are being raised for the first 8-10 weeks with a family of 11. They get acclimated to lots with a family that big. They also get so much love. We do ENS stimulation with all our puppies from 3days-2weeks old. We have them crate trained by the time they go to their home and at 3 weeks we start potty training. We have a red boy toy poodle we are going to start studding out. He will make the best and cutest puppies. He is AKC and Healthy. He will be ready to stud out in June.

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