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DRY FORK, KY, 42141, USA
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Mastiff Dogs Breeder in DRY FORK, KY, USA


We are a small farm with cows, goats, poultry, cats, grandchildren and the dogs that take care of all of us! Security and predator protection are crucial to the success of our operation. Our pups are our pride and joy, facilitating their relationship with you continues the legacy we've begun at Lobb Farms. We focus on breeding dogs to adapt to a wide variety of needs. Including but not limited to personal security, family companions, livestock guardians and service work. We are very fortunate to have such loyal loving companions to work (and play) alongside us and are committed to finding the perfect match between our pups and potential buyers. Feel free to contact us by phone, text message, or email with any questions you may have! We will respond as promptly as the critters allow!

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    Cindy and Robert

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    DRY FORK, KY, 42141 USAUSA

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Cindy and Robert
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