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Pyredoodle, Labradoodle, Labrador Retriever and Brittany Dogs Breeder in EVERGREEN, NC, USA


We here at Ivey League Kennels love our pets/dogs/pups like family because that's what they are to us and we hope you do the same. We take great joy in connecting good caring people with our adorable loving pups for many reasons. Yes money is one of the pros but it's not the sole or main reason we do it. My Papa Franky Ivey (Owner of Ivey League Kennels) is a retired blue collar worker that found a love for caretaking our pets when he spent time pet-sitting my Labrador Retriever (Gunner) while I work on the road. At that time he had no pets of his own but it wasn't long after I came to pick up Gunner the 1st time that he wanted a best friend of his own. So he went and got 2 Brittney Spaniels just like he had as young boy and even named them after his original 2 many years ago (Andy&Sugar) They've brought him a amount of happiness I just can't describe. Since then he's added 3 more members to our family. A blue Merle poodle (Princeton), a F1 b labradoodle (Heart) and a Great Pyrenees (Harper). Each of which are very loved and special to him in their own way. My pa has always been a strong willed, "tough" and hardworking man. All of which is needed to be blue collar for over 40 years. He's still all those things but I can tell these fur babies have softened him up a little bit. Honestly it was nice and comical to witness the change. He enjoys doing this because he knows the happiness his pets have brought him and he wants to witness that same joy from others while being a part of bringing people and man's best friend together. We care about what happens to our pups after they join their new families bc they will always be an extension of our Ivey League family. Please feel free to send us updates of your pup, we want you to and if anyone ever knows someone is mistreating a pet they got from us PLEASE notify us so we can do everything possible to save the dog. With all that being said we look forward to assisting you in adding a member to your family! 910-632-4620

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