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WESLEY, AR, 72773, USA
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Rottweiler Dogs Breeder in WESLEY, AR, USA


My wife and I have owned Rottweilers for over 25 years as our family companions. We want you to have the same great experience our family has had. We have 50 acres outside of Fayetteville, Arkansas where our dogs get to roam and run. Sleeping most nights at the foot of our bed. Your new puppy will be handled daily from birth, this starts the socialization process. We weigh them frequently, making sure they are all growing well, staying clean and healthy. We do multiple bedding changes per day. Your puppy will start getting introduced to individual feedings as weening progresses. Puppies will also begin crate training prior to your pick up. This will greatly assist in lowering the stress on your puppy and you for its transition to its new home. Pedigrees are very important to maintain breed integrity. Too many breeders sell dogs based solely on prestigious pedigrees telling you Rottweilers have a good temperament. Yet they don't have a personal relationship with their breeding stock to verify that is the case. Our goal is to raise really nice healthy Rottweilers for your wonderful pet experience. The temperament and health of the parents often show the temperament health of the puppies. "Olaf" and "Elsa" our breeding stock / pets have a good temperament. We know this because we live with them, sleep with them, and travel with them. They are very good with children, patient with other animals and really want to stay by your side. They look and act like Rottweilers! Oh and yes they do have pretty decent Pedigree's. Who would you rather get a pup from?

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