Sunshine - Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat) Dog For Adoption
American Pit Bull Terrier Mix Dog For Adoption in Carlsbad, CA, USA


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Date Listed: 02/25/2017
Date Expires: 31 days from now
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Organization Name: Wagging Dog Rescue
Location: Carlsbad, CA 92013
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Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
Gender: Female Female


Age: Senior
Color/Markings: Golden/Chestnut
Size at Maturity: Medium
Availability Date: 02/25/2017
Location: Carlsbad, CA 90501
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Tags: American Pit Bull Terrier Mix Dog For Adoption in Carlsbad, CA, USA
Physical Attributes
Eye Color Gold
Ear Type Rose
Coat Length Short
Grooming Needs Low
Likes to Vocalize Quiet
Shedding Amount Moderate
Altered Yes
Behavioral Characteristics
OK with Kids Yes
OK with Dogs Yes
OK with Cats No
Energy Level Low
Activity Level Slightly Active
Exercise Needs Low
Fence Required 6 foot
Obedience Training Has Basic Training
Owner Experience Required None
  • Not Good With Small Dogs
  • Yard Required
  • Leash Trained
  • Crate Trained
  • Housetrained
Personality Characteristics
  • Obedient
  • Timid
  • Affectionate
  • Even-Tempered
  • Gentle
Additional Information
Was the Dog Found No
  • Up-to-date on Vaccinations

Posted Breed: Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat). Prepare for your heart to melt when you meet our beautiful golden girl Sunshine. Her sweet, shy demeanor longing to be loved is simply irresistible. A petite pit bull terrier around 10 years young and aged to perfection, Sunny is the perfect size companion at 45 pounds. This incredible survivor is a gal who never ceases to amaze us, and she’s ready to share her specialness with forever folks who are special too. Sound like you? Sunshine’s foster parents say she’s the best furry family member, so quiet, mellow and loving. She remains very shy and timid, and it's heartwarming to see a low tail wag of excitement when you come home. If she wants more attention, she'll give your calf a little nudge. Sunshine is extremely sensitive to loud noises and is looking for a calm, quiet home environment to enjoy forevermore. Sun is a big fan of food, and you wouldn't believe how excited she gets when it's meal time :) A quiet girl herself, she barks her joy during food prep. Hehe! Sunny really loves her canine foster family too and hopes for a calm older dog around her own size or bigger who will enjoy being with her. She thinks cats and small animals provide lots of fun to chase so will be best suited for a home without these friends. Turtles with their slow calm energy however, are A-okay in her book. She just wants a peaceful home with no young (loud) children and parents who like to go for walks and spend time together. Do you have the perfect future for our deserving ray of light? Ready to fill your home and heart with golden love this year? Reach out and see why we are all so smitten … ADOPTIONS@WAGGINGDOG.ORG Southern California only please

If you’re looking to adopt a dog and don’t know where to start, is an excellent source for information about adopting a dog and will connect you with hundreds of shelters across the US that have adoptable puppies and older dogs waiting for forever homes.
  1. Do your research – find out what types of dogs would be a good fit for your lifestyle and the activity level of your family. Also keep in mind the grooming needs of certain breeds that might require frequent maintenance.
  2. Decide what you can handle – before you get sucked in by all the adorable puppy eyes you’re about to see, think long and hard about the appropriate age dog for your family or if you are capable of caring for a special needs dog. Puppies are a lot of work, if you don’t have time for potty training and obedience classes you’ll want to consider an older dog. There are plenty of middle aged, vibrant dogs up for adoption as well as many senior dogs that would be a great fit for a family looking for a more subdued dog with lots of love to give.
  3. Learn about the shelters and their adoption policies – It might be easier to start looking at shelters within a certain radius of home but don’t be afraid to venture out to other states as well. Many states have larger populations of adoptable dogs and their shelters are willing to transport pets to suitable adopting families. Some shelters might have requirements for a home visit, a fenced yard or require you to visit the pet multiple times before you commit to adopting. Understand that the shelters are doing their best to place the pets in suitable homes and these requirements are in the best interest of both you and the pet.
  4. Start looking… Once you know what you’re looking for and what to expect you can start your search through thousands of adoptable dogs. PuppyFinder allows you to search by age, breed, location and gender.
  5. Meet in person. Whenever possible it is best to meet the animal in person before agreeing to bring them into your life. Even though photos and descriptions can tell you a bit about a dog, you can’t get a true feeling for the animal until you are able to interact with them and make sure they are a good fit for your entire family, including other pets.
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    • Miniature Pinscher-Unknown Mix Dog For Adoption in Carlsbad, CA, USA



      Breed: Miniature Pinscher-Unknown Mix
      Sex: Male Male
      Age: Young
      Location: USA
      Posted Breed: Miniature Pinscher / Mixed (short coat). Cutie pie Tucker is all play, all day – except when it’s nap time (which, conveniently, is while you’re getting work done!). He’s a real comedian, always coming up with antics that will make you laugh – as if he needs to try. You’ll be cracking up as soon as he prances past or springs around the yard like a deer! BOUNCE! This pup has a great sense of humor. One of his favorite jokes is to follow you around, grab anything you drop, and run away so you’ll chase him. It’s a good thing that even when he steals stuff, like socks, they return unharmed – he only chews on his toys and squeakers. Such a good little guy. SO how did this adorable 10 pound, mixed breed, 1 year old gem come to be with us last fall? Well, Tucker found himself orphaned and homeless when his previous owner passed away. He was also somewhat lacking in discipline. He has a terrier-like disposition that respects strong leadership, and he’ll do best in an experienced home. His foster family has provided an excellent foundation in manners and respecting boundaries (figuratively and literally – he gate trains fast). All you need to do is reinforce what has already been established, and voila! You have a mini ambassadog who’ll impress all of your friends and fam! Tucker has that puppy-dog “I love EVERYBODY!” personality that includes big dogs too. He’s not intimidated by anyone and will invite anything with a heartbeat to come play all day! Tucker is looking for an adult, single family home with secure yard – he’s a curious pup and can’t resist a gap in the fence or an open gate or door. Even though he’s young, he’s got the most important skills down pat, like being house broken, crate trained and coming back in with the cue “inside.” He’s a guy that needs a job and we think he’d be terrific at agility, flyball, lure coursing, barn hunt or a similar exciting activity with his humans. He’s such a fun loving guy, toys are his primary motivation even over treats. Tucker is quick, smart and cute as a button – the perfect little showstopper with his red and tan suit, docked tail and engaging smile :) And, he loves wearing doggie sweaters. Could he GET any CUTER?! ADOPTIONS@WAGGINGOG.ORG Southern CA only please
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      Miniature Pinscher-Unknown Mix Dog For Adoption in Carlsbad, CA, USA
    • American Pit Bull Terrier-Unknown Mix Dog For Adoption in Carlsbad, CA, USA

      Grampa *deaf...


      Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier-Unknown Mix
      Sex: Male Male
      Age: Senior
      Location: USA
      Posted Breed: Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat). Meet WDR's Grampa! This sweet guy is an ancient, deaf, low slung 70 pounder who’s stolen the hearts of everyone he’s met. Like so many dogs who are ‘thrown away’ after a lifetime of loving service, his only flaw is old age and some of the ailments that accrue with years. His bones are arthritic, especially in the back end, and he was diagnosed with leaky gut. The right meds and nutrition have already made a huge impact, and we think he’s got plenty of quality time left. He’s seeing a holistic vet for supplements and even better nutrition tweaks, and ideally his future family will be totally into canine nutrition as well. Grampa is available to be adopted by a big-hearted forever family, or placed as a Forever Foster Dog with Wagging Dog Rescue. Gramps is, well, a lot like my Gramps (or your Gramps). He snores away most of the day but, unlike my Grampa, this one loooves his walks. If he feels they’re overdue, he will GALLOP to the front door to get your attention :) Just once around the block, 2-3 times a day, is all he asks for and then it’s back to snoring. He also puts his Game Face on for company and seems to be especially drawn to men (and those who throw him cookies are the best!). Other favorite hobbies include chewing on antlers, sticking his nose out of the car window, and catching airborne treats faster than you’d believe possible for an old guy lol. Even when he’s snoozing, our docile Grampa dog really appreciates having people around. He’s fine being home alone for a few hours while you’re at work, but he’d really rather be in whatever room you are, unobtrusively snuggled in a soft bed and offering unlimited moral support. He’d be soooo happy if he found folks who were home a lot, worked from home or were retired! Gramps is great with dogs and cats and probably just about all other life forms. He’s super tolerant of his furry companions but also willing to say “Enough!”. We’d like to see him in a calm home environment with older children if any. Too many stairs may be difficult so a one-story or ground level accommodation would be best. We know he enjoys his foster home backyard and would like for him to have one in his future home too. According to his Foster Parents, “He doesn’t mind being dressed up, or living with a bossy Chihuahua, or walking in the rain, or getting his regular shots of Adequan (once a month), or having his feet or ears cleaned – he’s really an easy dog to be around.” All he asks for is love. Contact us today if you’re the big-hearted family Gramps has been waiting for or if you’d like to know more about being a Forever Foster Parent! ADOPTIONS@WAGGINGDOG.ORG So. California only please. ~ Adoptions within Southern California only please ~
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      American Pit Bull Terrier-Unknown Mix Dog For Adoption in Carlsbad, CA, USA
    • American Pit Bull Terrier-Bulldog Mix Dog For Adoption in Carlsbad, CA, USA

      Briggs *deaf...


      Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier-Bulldog Mix
      Sex: Male Male
      Age: Adult
      Location: USA
      Posted Breed: Bulldog / Pit Bull Terrier / Mixed (short coat). Can't. Stand. The. Cuteness. Seriously?? This dog is SO freakin cute!! He's big, beefy and such a sweetie - built like a linebacker :) Briggs is a low slung, stubby wide 80 pounder (ya, he's solid!) with a bad hack job on his poor ears. He recently underwent total ear canal ablation (TECA) surgery and is officially deaf. After many many months of trying to treat and repair his swollen and constantly infected canals and avoid surgery, we made the difficult decision that this truly would be the best outcome for a happier future for our happy hippo. He's recovering nicely in his foster home and oh so ready to pack his bags for his Forever Home! We think Briggs is almost 5 and a mature, easy going, well behaved adult. He came to us in bedraggled shape and with poor manners after running out of time at the OC shelter. With clean living, nutritious food and beneficial supplements, his coat is returned to a beautiful healthy blue tricolor. Briggs spent several months perfecting his skills and behavior (with Peticularly Perfect - North San Diego Pet Care​'s founder/owner) and growing into the very special boy who captured his foster mom's heart. She says he's one of her favorite foster dogs of all time! What a compliment to the hippo and all thanks to her dedication and efforts. Briggs gets along great with dogs of all sizes and really enjoys playtime with pals. He loves belly rubs, is super loyal, and as you might imagine he's something of a people magnet. Good thing he loooooves the attention!! His tail wags his whole body in greeting lol. Beefcake Briggs is looking for a forever family with an above average understanding of dogs - a family who lives a leadership lifestyle with your well mannered animals. He needs people willing to set boundaries - for life, not just a few months - in a quieter child free home environment. A well matched, calm companion dog or few might be nice but not necessary for this people lover. He's looking for a feline free home, preferably with a backyard to enjoy. Briggs has been learning that Nothing In Life Is Free - NILIF. This lifestyle philosophy will help Briggs continue to excel in his forever future with YOU! He's working on not jumping up when he gets excited and although it's a tough habit to break, he's really excelling. Oh, and be prepared for LOTS of kisses! Questions about TECA? Read more here: Inquire today and schedule a time to meet our resident beefcake Briggs!! ADOPTIONS@WAGGINGDOG.ORG Southern CA only please
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      American Pit Bull Terrier-Bulldog Mix Dog For Adoption in Carlsbad, CA, USA
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