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  • Sharp Eagle Dog For Adoption in El Cajon, CA



    Breed: Sharp Eagle
    Sex: Female Female
    Age: Young
    Location: El Cajon, CA
    Posted Breed: Beagle / Shar Pei / Mixed (short coat). Who doesn’t love a sweet-faced pup with a Cannes-do attitude? Meet Cannes, a lovely mama dog who has probably already captured your heart with those big ol' honey brown eyes of hers. We rescued Cannes and her 1-week-old puppies from the City of Bakersfield on Halloween 2014. Her babies have since then grown and been adopted, and now Cannes is on the hunt for her own forever home! She is a petite gal of just under 25 pounds, and she is 2 and a half years old as of May 2017. Cannes has a very short and low maintenance coat that is somewhat rough to the touch, rather Shar-Pei like. Personality-wise, this girl is all Beagle. Cannes is even-tempered, intelligent, amiable, loving, and very affectionate. She absolutely loves receiving belly rubs, and that is the quickest way to her heart! Cannes can be a little wary of meeting new people, but she does warm up quickly. On any given day, you'll likely catch her hanging out in our front office, lounging with other dogs, and presiding over paperwork. Give sweet Cannes a chance to blossom! If you'd like to meet Cannes, please visit For more information on this dog's breed, copy & paste the following URL into your browser:
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    Sharp Eagle Dog For Adoption in El Cajon, CA

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