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  • Labes Australian Cobberdogs

    Member since: 02/20/2017

    Breed(s): Australian Cobberdog
    Location: USA

    An Australian Cobberdog is great for anyone who is lonely, needs emotional support, needs comforted, needs a service companion, needs a therapy companion, or just wants the best pet you can find. The Australian Cobberdog's gentle personallity is most remarkable. The Australian Cobberdog is excellent with infants, toddlers, seniors, and every age between! The Australian Cobberdog wants to please you, and has a desire to make and hold eye contact with you. They have a way of looking so deeply into your eyes, it is like they are reading your mind. These dogs have a deep emotional connection with their human family. The Australian Cobberdog is affectionate, loyal, smart, trainable, and will happily work for you as a service or therapy partner if you need him for this assistance. The Australian Cobberdog has a lot of fascinating, unique, and wonderful characteristics. One of the most sought after perks of the Australian Cobberdog is its easy care fleecy coat. This amazing coat does not shed, is very soft, and is hypoallergenic, making the Australian Cobberdog great for families that have allergies to dogs. On top of all these amazing features, this wonderful fleece coat seldom has a bad odor and it sheds dirt and water. After these puppies have a great time playing in the water and mud, as the coat dries, the mud will fall off of the Australian Cobberdog and you would never know that he just had a mud bath! Another priceless benefit of the Australian Cobberdog coat is that it is so easy to care for! Of course, because it does not shed, your companion will need to be clipped a couple of times a year, and he will need to be groomed once a month or so. As you groom your dog, you will find that your brush will glide through these lush fleece coats.

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    Australian Cobberdogs
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