#14: Pug

The Pug dog comes from China. Dutch and English traders brought back the Pug from China, where the Chinese greatly loved their short-faced little dogs, like the Pug and the Pekinese. In England, the breed developed into the dog we know today. The English seem to have a penchant for square dogs with square heads, like the bulldog and mastiff. The Pug became a favorite world wide and was recognized by the AKC well before the turn of the century. However, it almost as quickly fell from favor. The breed was kept alive by some very dedicated breeders and has since returned to some popularity. It is not possible to keep such a happy, dedicated, and loving little clown down for long. The Pug is a small dog, but not one that is in any way frail or fragile. It is a little muscular bundle of energy and joy. The Pug should be square, compact, and muscular with a round but not apple-headed appearance. The Pug?s ears are triangular and pendant, very soft and silky to the touch. The head has deep wrinkles and the bite is just slightly undershot. A weight of fourteen to eighteen pounds is standard. The coat is short and smooth, the color is black, apricot-fawn, silver, or with a very well defined black mask. The breed?s temperament is happy, obedient, and eager to please with love for everyone. Some health problems for the Pug include infections in the folds of the skin around the muzzle and damage to the eye due to the prominence of the eyes. Therefore, this breed needs to have the facial wrinkles cleaned daily to prevent infection. It also suffers from a form of encephalitis that is genetic in origin but with no known cause or cure. The short snout can lead to snuffling or snorting and they will often snore. It can be quite stubborn and may need extra work in housebreaking. The pug is a very fine companion animal and loves its family with all its heart. They fit well in a small apartment or in a larger yard with a big family. They get along well with all the family, including the other animals in the household. The Pug is a natural performer who loves attention and will work hard to get it. If you are looking for a fun little bundle of joy to join your life, you should look no further.

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