#17: Boston Terrier

The Boston terrier is often called the ?All-American Dog?; it embodies all that is best in a companion dog and has steadily grown in popularity over the years. This breed is just the right size for a house or apartment, has a wonderful disposition, and is lively and intelligent. In the 1860s, the Boston Terrier features were similar to both the English Bulldog and the English White terrier. The Old English Bulldog was originally bred for bull baiting, while the English White Terrier was bred for show. The new breed was popular in Boston and was noted for its love for - and devotion to - its master; it is highly valued as a loyal companion. The Boston Terrier became known as a ?barbershop dog? and ?butcher?s dog,? because it was particularly popular with those professions. Fanciers called the dogs ?Roundheads? and exhibited them under that name for several years. Later, when forty breeders decided to form the Boston Bullterrier club, they met some resistance to the name. By that time, the breed did not look like today?s typical bullterrier. The name ?Boston Terrier? was agreed upon when an author suggested the name, as the dog was from the Boston area. The body is square and muscular and the head is square and flat. Early Boston Terriers could be quite heavy and muscular, weighing up to sixty pounds. Today, the largest acceptable dog in competition is less than twenty-five pounds. No wrinkling of the muzzle is allowed in breed distinction. The ears are carried alert and erect, or cropped to match, and should be held to the outside of the skull. The bite should be undershot. The coat is smooth, bright, and short. The colors of the Boston Terrier are black, brindle, and seal, with white markings. The eyes should be black with no blue (or hints of blue). The gait should be straight and sure with no crossing of the legs or rolling. This dog has a wonderful temperament and is good with children of all ages. The Boston Terrier has some occasional problems with deafness, patellar luxation, cataracts, and hip and elbow dysplasia. The dog can be stubborn and may be difficult to housebreak. The Boston Terrier is a true American dog, having been bred and developed in the United States. It makes itself at home in any American home, whether I is a mansion or a small apartment.

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