#7: Boxer

Boxers are beautiful, strong looking dogs. They have sturdy, compact bodies with a shiny, close-fitting coat. They are medium sized dogs; the average height for males is 23? to 25?, while females average 21 ?? to 23 ??. Adult males weight 65-80 pounds and females will be 15 pounds less. Boxers are part of the American Kennel Club Working Group. The Boxer traces its ancestry to Germany. It hails from two mastiff type dogs, the Bullenbeiszer and the Barenbeiszer. Although its origins are German, the name Boxer is an English name and is significant of the animal?s punchy fighting style. Boxers of the past were ferocious but today?s Boxer is loyal and affectionate and a perfect companion for every member of the family. They are known for bonding with their family and although they can exhibit boundless sometimes boisterous energy they are particularly patient with children. Boxers are very social and need lots of human companionship. They are energetic and athletic and particularly love to jump and play. This means they need daily walks and exercise. Even as they age, the boxer remains agile and playful. These dogs do best indoors, as they are very sensitive to temperature extremes. They do not enjoy drafts, extreme heat or cold. Boxers are very intelligent and quick to learn. They have a talent for learning tricks and were once used in the circus and theaters. They make good watchdogs as they are extremely courageous. They do, however, respond to honest, friendly gestures and frequent visitors to your home will be greeted with boisterous love. The Boxer?s intelligence can also make them stubborn and independent. Training should be firm and purposeful. Proper socialization is important for the Boxer. They typically do well with most other animals. Female boxers will often try to establish their dominance with other female dogs and may get into occasional fights. This is to be considered if a dog is already present in the home. Boxers may be genetically predisposed to tumors, epilepsy, hip dysphasia, thyroid disorders, and heart problems such as sub-aortic stenosis, and cardiomyopathy. There may be a tendency for allergies, too. Boxers are also known for drooling, snoring, and excessive flatulence. White Boxers, which cannot be registered with many AKC clubs, are prone to deafness. All breeds are susceptible to certain diseases and disorders. Armed with information about your breed will not only help you to make an informed decision when purchasing but will also help you to be alert to signs and symptoms of concern.

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