Breeder Evaluations of Dog Breeds

Breeder evaluations can help determine a dog?s expected behavior patterns. Dog breeding for a certain character or physical trait should be done only by professionals. There are many certified dog breeders available to help you with advice regarding breeds and your expectations. Evaluating dog breeds can be tricky for untrained personnel. Purebred dogs are easier to evaluate than mixed-breeds. Physical traits indicate not only size, but can also indicate behavior patterns. When considering which dogs to breed together, this fact should be taken into consideration. Trying to locate a dog breeder is no simple task. The phonebook has limited alphabetized entries and the Internet has limitless location-based entries. Using keywords such as the breed or breeding association desired, will only narrow down the list by a few choices. A dog show is a good place to find not just breeders but other knowledgeable dog lovers willing to share their knowledge of breed characteristics. You can narrow your focus on which dog is best for you by consulting a breeder. For example, consider the following breeder evaluations. Rottweilers usually have black and tan coloring, middle-of the-road dispositions, and are fairly easy to train. Boxers are more aggressive, territorial, and taller. Pit bulldogs are known for strength and aggressive behavior. Chihuahuas are small dogs with short tails and big eyes. Labrador Retrievers are good hunting dogs because of their good vision and swimming abilities. When a dog is in a competition, they will be judged on stance, obedience, and physical characteristics of their particular breed. Some breeders refuse to ?create? new dog breeds and others relish the opportunity. Most dog breeders are endeavoring to produce a dog that is superior to those in current existence. A responsible dog breeder will not allow the resultant dogs to become victims of rescue shelters. Phenotypic evaluations allow breeders to make decisions based on a dog?s genetic makeup. Veterinarians are good sources for referrals to reliable, responsible breeders. has a free website offering answers to many questions about dog breeding and is a site that offers Guides to Different Breeds. The American Kennel Club (AKC) offers DNA parentage testing to identify individual dog breeds. For a fee, the AKC will produce an evaluation of a litter of pups that can be authenticated through this means. Breeder evaluations are important tools in securing a dog?s place in its genealogical tree, history, and potential personality patterns. Before you commit to any breed, investigate the facts to be sure your pet will thrive with your family.

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