Canine Clean Up

Below are some common canine messes and how to handle them the most effective way.


1.)   Drool Droppings

Often called slingers, doggie drool can be a serious problem for walls, carpet, windows, and ceilings.   Many breeds such as Basset Hounds, Neapolitian Mastiffs, Blood-hounds,Newfoundlands, and Saint Bernards are known for their tendency to drool.  If you have drool on glass, a common household recipe of white or apple cider vinegar, water, and elbow grease will help to remove the slobber.  Other recipes add rubbing alcohol and a few drops of scented oils. 

There are also professionally mixed products offered by various companies that are formulated for this issue.  Bissell, for example, introduced a product called Drool Cleaner, which features a canister filled with cleaning solution, a squeegee, and a brush.   The Shark Company has also come out with a steam cleaner that will loosen and clean drool without the need for chemicals.                         

Many dog owners have also found success with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for walls, wood, and countertops. 


2.)   Loosey Goosey In the City

Sometimes dogs can experience loose stool that can be troublesome to collect when keeping a clean community and avoiding large fines.  New Yorkers have recommended using a combination of newspaper, paper towels, and a pet waste collection tool such as Mutt Mitts for the most effective pick-up.


3.)   Doggie Flu at Home

When dogs get sick, like anyone else, sometimes it comes on without warning and messes on the floor are bound to occur.  Once any solids are removed, stains and odors become the main concern.  Home remedies such as sprinkling baking soda on the spot, allowing it to dry, and vacuuming it up the following day can be helpful.  


4.)   Puddles

A perfectly house trained pooch can still experience accidents due to old age, urinary tract infections, and diabetes.  Products containing enzymes and combinations of enzymes can help to minimize stains and odors. Also be sure to blot, not rub, the area to remove any excess before applying the cleaning solution.  Saturate the area with the solution and be patient, it can take anywhere from several hours to several days to work.


5.)   Skunks

Your dog does not have to be of the hunting family to encounter a skunk. The smell is quite offensive and smells much like a combination of rotten eggs, garlic, and burnt rubber.  Tomato juice has been the long time home remedy but it does not work very well.  Instead, try a mixture of Hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and dishwashing liquid.  The mixture must be used immediately because it is unstable and can not be capped and stored as it may explode the container.


6.)   Gum, Paint, and Tar

Dogs are prone to things like rolling in gum, brushing against newly painted walls, and walking through tar.  Sticky substances can be effectively removed with vegetable oil, baby oil, or peanut butter.  Mild dishwashing liquid can also help in removing these pesky messes on your pooch's fur. 


7.)   Tracking In

Dogs are famous for tracking in substances of all kinds from blood to mud. For day to day cleaning of these messes without using harmful chemicals, try steam mops and robotic floor scrubbers.  These are not only handy but safe for your family and pets.


8.)   Blood

The best way to tackle fresh blood on fabrics is to soak the stain in cold water.  Some people also have found hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid to be helpful agents when cleaning these tough stains.



9.)   Old Stains

Always try to get all stains when they are fresh. However, sometimes stains go unnoticed.  For old stains, cleaning products and machines are almost always required.


10.)  Keep the Dogs in Mind

When decorating, always keep in mind the dogs you currently have and any that you can foresee ever having.  This will help with having a comfortable home but also relieving any anxiety about the possibility of messes the dog may cause.  Select items that are easy to clean and won't be heartbreak if a stain should happen.

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