Choosing a Veterinarian

Anyone introducing a new canine member to the family faces a serious consideration: the choice of a veterinarian. Choosing the proper veterinarian requires the same deliberation required when attempting to find a suitable family medical practitioner or a dentist. A good veterinarian is the cornerstone for a dog?s longevity as well as its enjoyment of life. Any pet owner should select a veterinarian early on because it is essential for the dog, as well as its owner, to develop a relationship with medical caretakers before problems arise. The following are a few suggestions that a new pet owner might follow in his or her choice of a competent and caring veterinarian. Remember, when trying to find a veterinarian, make a general list of those available in the surrounding area and eliminate those candidates according to the following criteria. 1.) Consider carefully the suggestions that friends, breeders, co-workers, and local animal shelters offer. Most of the time their references carry the most weight as far as sincere interest for the health of your dog is concerned. 2.) Ask those veterinarians who you have selected as potential care-takers for your pet what breed of dog and what type of dog-personality they prefer to deal with on an everyday basis. Many vets specialize in certain breeds and are more knowledgeable and comfortable with those canines. 3.) Consider the location and office hours of your candidates. Do they coincide with the demands of your everyday schedule? 4.) Once you choose a particular vet, what is your first impression? What are the conditions of the office? Is it clean? Do you receive swift and considerate attention? Is your dog comfortable? 5.) Does the vet answer any questions you have in a clear and concise manner? Is he or she available for emergencies? If not, how well connected is he or she to the nearest animal hospital? 6.) How many vets practice in the office and how many are specialists in a particular area of your dog?s constitution? 7.) Does the office provide boarding and grooming and what are the kennel conditions? Remember: do not be afraid to ask questions. The ability of a particular vet to answer your questions gives you a clue as to how devoted he or she is to maintaining the health of your dog and his or her educational qualifications. Each pet owner must secure the services of a veterinarian that will ensure the dog?s health, while at the same time maximizing the ability to care for and manage the dog?s needs. Choosing the proper veterinarian requires time and research, but in the end the process will ensure a more happy life for both the dog and his or her owner.

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