Dog Health Care Insurance

People have health insurance, so why not dogs? In order to keep a dog healthy, they will need immunizing vaccinations, annual dental check-ups, and basic medical attention following an illness. There are many health insurance plans for dogs available nationwide. Some plans are offered directly through a veterinarian, others are available on the Internet for those owners who travel or do not have a regular veterinarian. Most dog health insurance plans include puppy exams, basic vaccinations, stool sample examinations, and several discounted services. Office visits may be free after an initial enrollment period. Shampoos and treats might also be included, and even recovery rehabilitative exercise programs and prescriptions could be offered at reduced rates. But which plan is right for your dog and your budget? Listed here are several of the top rated plans in America. Most every plan includes a quote line, so that?s the best place to start your comparison shopping. Pets Health Group USA offers free newsletters, coupons, and samples, in addition to their insurance plan. Their plans start as low as $8.95 per month, with an annual $10 fee. These plans cover puppies, adult and senior dogs, providing preventive and illness care coverage. Pet Assure plans give dog owners a card that can be used for all types of discounts at pet stores and participating veterinarian clinics. Included is a pet I.D. tag and a 24/7 hotline to help locate lost pets. Treats, grooming, and prescriptions are also included. There are two basic payment options: $6.95-$13.95 per month or $59.00-$149 annually. Pet Health Insurance provides quotes from top rated pet insurance companies in the United States and Canada. This organization works to help keep costs down by allowing the level of coverage to be determined by the owner and their wallet. Some policies are as low as $10 per month for basic vaccinations and office visits. Higher policies beginning around $25 will cover accidents, surgery, and chemotherapy. Banfield offers policies through Petsmart locations that have veterinary clinics. These plans are usually priced around $150 for the enrollment, and $15 per month. This plan includes wellness checkups, free office visits, after-care for the injured, prescription discounts, and semi-annual heartworm check-ups. Most policies usually have a deductible and a discount for multiple dogs on the same policy. It pays to shop before you sign. Dog health insurance is a savvy move for the responsible owner and a smart way to save on long-term veterinary bills for your treasured pet.

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