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Breeding dogs can be a complicated business. Most people do not have access to a quality stud for their bitch. Most breeders are reluctant to breed their top dogs with just any female. A breeder?s main goal is to ensure that the standards of their chosen breed are met through selective breeding of the best quality possible. In fact, most professional breeders will usually require that a buyer spay or neuter their new puppy so that less desirable traits will not be reproduced and that only dogs that are considered ?show quality? will be bred. If your bitch is of high quality and you have a genuine interest in finding an appropriate sire for your pups, you must do some serious research into the ancestry, health, and breed standards of the prospective father. Conduct interviews with several potential studs to find the best fit for your mother-to-be. Choose a stud that compliments the look of your prospective mother. Similar size and coloring will ensure more predictable breed characteristics. Physical strengths and weaknesses should be thoroughly studied. Discuss with the dog owners what traits their dog tends to reproduce. If your female has a physical weakness such as a narrow chest, it may help the pups to find a male with a wider chest. Find a male that has a calm temperament. Aggressive males can be dangerous to your female and can produce aggressive traits in your puppies. Familiarize yourself with genetic flaws that your breed is prone to producing. Ask the breeder about the genetic background of your prospective sire. For example, some large breeds, such as Golden Retrievers and Rottweilers, can produce pups with hip dysplasia. Some short-faced breeds like the Shih Tzu or Pekinese may carry the gene for cleft palate. Be certain that both your bitch and the male dog are in healthy condition. Proper nutrition, cleanliness, and exercise are essential for them to have the best possible chance of a successful mating. Ask to see the male?s environment. Is it clean and free of parasites? Are there recent veterinarian records for the dog? Has he been vaccinated against all common disease? The last thing you need is a dog bringing fleas or disease to your female! When you are certain you have found the male you want to breed with your bitch it is time to finalize the deal. Discuss all fees that will be associated with the breeding. How much is the stud fee and when is it payable? Does the dog?s owner want the ?pick of the litter? in lieu of the stud fee? Find out their policy on failed mating or if the puppies don?t survive. Make certain that you have all arrangements in writing. If you find the perfect mate for your girl, you don?t want the whole thing spoiled by a simple misunderstanding. After your female has been bred, be sure to keep in touch with the stud?s owner about the progress of her pregnancy. They are just as interested in a good result as you are. Make regular visits to your veterinarian. Feed a high quality food designed for pregnant and nursing dogs. Keep your bitch healthy and happy and in about 63 days, you will have a pile of squirming, squeaking, adorable babies.

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