Tri-County Animal Shelter in Morehead, Kentucky, USA


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Organization Name: Tri-County Animal Shelter
Location: Morehead, KY 40351
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Tri-County Animal Shelter

Species: Dogs, Cats
Breed(s): Pure and Mixed Breeds
Organization Type: Rescue
Organization Status: Non-Profit

Tri-County Animal Shelter Organization currently has 1 dogs for adoption and rescue. If you are considering adopting a dog, please read the Adoption Tips to learn more about what it takes and what to expect. Visit our website or call us to learn more about the adoption process. You are always welcome to support our effort by sponsoring one of our dogs or donating directly to our organization. Your help is greatly needed and appreciated!

*100% of your donation will go directly to the organization
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  • Mutt Dog For Adoption in Morehead, KY, USA

    CoCo ADULT M...


    Breed: Mutt
    Sex: Male Male
    Age: Adult
    Location: USA
    Posted Breed: Yellow Labrador Retriever (short coat). Arrival Date: 4/21/18 Available Date: 4/21/18 County: n/a Adoption Fee: 50$ Approximate Age: 2 years Approximate Weight: n/a Breed: Lab/Elkhound Color/Pattern: yellow Litter-mates: n/a Possible Health Issues: n/a NOTE: as of 5/1/18 our listings are undergoing some maintenance, some info about the shelter is outdated- animals are not immediately euthanized after 5 days, but this is a high intake shelter so animals need placed as soon as possible after they become available. Stray hold is 5 days for all dogs regardless of county, there is no stray hold for cats. TCAS strives to remain a low-kill shelter and needs the continued help of adopters and rescues to do so. Transport is currently very limited and only available to 501c3 rescues, contact 606-784-4930 to be put in contact with local rescues that may be able to assist. Adopters/Rescues: Rescues interested in pulling dogs should contact the shelter at 606-784-4930. The shelter cannot return long distance calls- shelter staff are often busy, please be patient and call back if no one is able to answer. Shelter email is . Shelter email is not continuously monitored, best way to contact us is via phone or stopping by the shelter. This dog is at Tri County Animal Shelter. Please call 606-784-4930 or go there directly to adopt. Scared/feral animals may be euthanized at any time and need out immediately. Volunteers do their best to keep listings updated, but not all dogs may be posted due to time constraints. Dog adoption fee is 50$ for dogs from Rowan County, 80$ for dogs from Fleming and Carter Counties, which includes spay/neuter surgery, rabies vaccination, and first DHPP Vaccination. Dog personality is assessed by shelter staff and volunteers and is best guess. It is very possible the personality will change once out of the shelter. It is highly recommended that you and your family members stop by and meet a dog prior to adopting. Most dogs have no background information so we cannot predict how a dog will react to different situations or people. We can give NO GUARANTEE of personality. After adoption it is recommended that you get your dog checked by your veterinarian and discuss heartworm testing, vaccinations, microchipping, fecals (to check for parasites) and flea/tick prevention. It is not recommended to let your new dog interact with your current dog until it has been checked and deemed healthy by a veterinarian. Tri County Animal Shelter, 2450 Kentucky 519 S, Morehead, KY GPS coordinates: N 38 08.512 W 83 25.193 Dog warden phone: 606-784-4930 Tri County Animal Shelter is open everyday, between 8am-4pm (excluding some holidays). Shelter is closed between 12-1pm everyday for lunch. Please note: In most cases, the breed mix is our best guess based on the size/appearance of the dog/cat. Most of the dogs/cats we get are strays so their history is unknown. Rescues: We are rescue friendly and would love to have your help! We have transport assistance to northeastern states, Ohio, Huntington WV, or Lexington KY. Can meet Pilots N Paws flights in Morehead KY or Huntington WV. Can work with your transport coordinator for runs starting in Morehead KY or Huntington WV. Please email us for a rescue application. Origin: (R) Came from Rowan County (stray hold is 7 days) (F) Came from Fleming County (stray hold is 5 days, then euth) (C) Came from Carter County (stray hold is 5 days, then euth) Dogs in the shelter receive their first DAPPv vaccination upon arrival. Rabies vaccination and spay/neuter surgery are done for the adoption fee. Additional vetting is available upon request and the adopter must pay the additional cost in advance. Please speak to shelter staff about any extra vetting you want done. Local adopters: Please note vetting is NOT done on site at the shelter and the adoption fee must be paid to the shelter before the dog is transported to the vet to receive vetting. Rabies vaccine and spay/neuter are mandatory prior to being allowed to take the dog home.
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    Mutt Dog For Adoption in Morehead, KY, USA