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1 Kangal Dog 2 Thai Ridgeback 3 Phu Quoc Ridgeback
East Garafraxa, Ontario, L9W6Y9, Canada
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Canada1 Kangal Dog 2 Thai Ridgeback 3 Phu Quoc Ridgeback

Kangal Dog, Thai Ridgeback and Phu Quoc (Vietnam Island) Ridgeback Dogs Breeder in East Garafraxa, Ontario, Canada


Ancient Plains Kangals located near Fergus, Ontario, Canada breeds Kangal dogs. Kangal dogs are a Turkish ancient guardian dog originating from the Silvas area of Turkey. In addition to be an effective guardian dog against wolves for sheep, goats and cattle; Kangals dogs have proven in North America to be good guardian dog against coyotes, raccoons, hawks, foxes and bears. Kangal dogs are a large breed dog with females ranging from 90 - 120 lbs and males ranging from 110 - 140 lbs. Kangal females range from 28 inches - 30 inches in height and males from 30 inches - 32 inches. Despite their size they are gentle and peaceful breed, good around children, family pets and adults. Kangals tend to be very independent dog as well as displaying their guardian nature at an early age. Kangal dogs need to have a guardian tasks to prevent boredom and thus avoid developing unwanted behavior. To prevent health issues, the Turkish people kept the gene pool larger allowing breeding outside of the breeding line. For this reason Kangal dogs tend to be generally much healthier than other giant breed dogs. Life spans can range for 12-15 years for Kangal dogs with the only know health issue being Hip Dysplasia. Ancient Plains Kangals strives to ensure bloodlines have a good working structure, sound health and are well socialized for people, children and other dogs. In addition it is given that it is important the future home can provide a secure environment for the Kangal puppy and a guardian task for development. Ancient Plains Kangals breeding dam is an impressive Boz Shepherd named "Lynx" from Rocky Mountain Kangal near Missoula Montana, USA. The sire "Koal" from Brick Kangals, New Jersey, USA is smaller 125 lb male with good working structure and exceptional blood lines. See web page AncientPlainsKangals

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