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Greetings from Kristen Noelle Gerstenecker and Michael Hale. We are a pedigree Miniature Australian breeding program and we house one or two litters at a time. We have a dynamic space for the litters and plenty of fenced in area in the back yard for the pups to run free. We are looking for good homes with loving owners for these amazing, brilliant, and athletic puppies. We have two dames. Ceiba, a red tri-color female with golden eyes. She weighs 30 pounds and stands at 17 inches tall. She is very athletic and has yoga-like flexibility while she plays, but also uses that flexibility when it comes to her snuggling capabilities. Ceiba is conversational and very animated as she plays. Lazuli, a black tri female with one brown and one blue eye. Lazuli is a black tricolor  with one blue and one brown eye. She weighs 35 pounds and stands at 20 inches tall. She is very intelligent and picks up new tricks and routines quickly. Every morning, once I wake up she "steamrolls" me by lying on my stomach on her back and rolling back and forth. Both dames are registered with the American Stock Dog Registry. The pricing will be determined by coat and eye color (blue eyes are rare). Prices will be set between $900 - $2200 by pedigree. The eye color will be definitive by five weeks after birth. At that five-week point, customers' decisions will be made in order of received deposit. The deposit can be paid at anytime and is $200 (first paid deposit gets first pick and so on). I will be posting new photos weekly on my website kngerst.wixsite/co-mini-aussies

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