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The Smart Doodle
OLATHE, CO, 81425, USA
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USAThe Smart Doodle

Bordoodle, Border Collie and Poodle (Standard) Dogs Breeder in OLATHE, CO, USA


Hello! We are Andrew and Sarah Bowman. Our Border Collies and Poodle are well loved and receive lots of attention and training. We believe Bordoodles are the smartest of ALL the doodles! We have carefully selected dogs that have proven themselves to be easy to train, athletic, friendly and genetically sound to produce the best possible puppies available! ( thesmartdoodle ) Bordoodles are a cross between Border Collies and Poodles, which are the two smartest breeds. Thus Bordoodles are the smartest of ALL the doodles! Not only are Border Collies and Poodles both INTELIGENT breeds, they are also ATHLETIC and are the breeds of choice in dog sports such as Dog Agility. They are FRIENDLY, loyal and good with children. Take all these great traits from both these breeds and you have the perfect pet dog, the Bordoodle! We now are proud to present The Smart Doodle! INTELLIGENT, ATHLETIC, and LOYAL, our Bordoodles are sure to become your next best friend. Of course the low-shedding, mostly hypo-allergenic coats are a bonus! All our dogs are DNA tested to insure our Smart Doodle puppies will be healthy! ( thesmartdoodle )

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    Andrew and Sarah

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    OLATHE, CO, 81425 USAUSA

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