#19: Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher, or Min Pin, is a fun and interesting companion that can live for as long as eighteen years. Do not adopt a Miniature Pinscher if you do not have the time to make the commitment. The breed is a high strung bundle of energy and should not be owned by just anyone. It takes a very strong, firm hand to discipline this little dog. The Min Pin wants to be top dog in any household. The breed was developed in Germany from the German Pinscher and Italian Greyhounds. The dachshund was also part of the mix. The little Miniature Pinscher is a big bundle of energy and needs to be watched and supervised. Without people, it can become lonely, bored, and destructive, creating problems. The Miniature Pinschers are also prone to snippiness, snapping, and barking. All these problems are exacerbated if the Min Pin is left on its own. The breed is often found in rescue centers due to going astray; it loves to run and can become lost quite easily. The Miniature Pinscher will chase anything and everything and should never, ever be off lead. The breed is a dedicated escape artist and works hard to find ways out of a pen. When the Min Pin is in a home, it considers itself to be ?king of the castle,? although its antics will more often remind one of a court jester. The dog can be aggressive with other dogs - even bigger dogs that could easily harm it. The Min Pin does not realize that it is a tiny dog. They do not make good companions for young children and can be injured by a careless child. As with any child, the Miniature Pinscher should be allowed to be the one to make acquaintance during introductions, i.e., let the dog come to the child rather than vice versa. If you are considering a Miniature Pinscher, go only to a reputable breeder. The Min Pin has a lot of energy and curiosity and will quickly turn a house to shambles even with its small size if it is not watched closely. The Min Pin is not a ?beginner?s dog? and is known for its feisty ways. With this reputation, why would anyone choose these little terrors? Because they are interesting, fun and can make great pets if one has the right skills and temperament for the job.

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