Choosing the Right Dog for an Apartment

best dogs for apartments

If you’re looking to get a apartment dog, first you should make sure that your apartment complex allows dogs.  You don’t want to fall in love with a dog and then find out that your apartment does not allow dogs!

There are several dog breeds that are compatible with apartment living, and many that aren’t.  So do some research on different dog breeds before you bring one home.

The best apartment dog for you will largely depend on your lifestyle and the dog’s energy level.

Remember, your new dog will need to be walked several times a day.

And an apartment dog will need a good deal of your attention — especially during its first year in a new home.

Plus, if your dog has a lot of energy (most puppies do), then you will probably need to go to the dog park a couple of times a week to allow your dog to burn off some of that energy. (Otherwise, destructive and behavioral problems begin to occur.)


Best Dog Breeds For Your Lifestyle

Some dog breeds do better when they stay indoors in the air conditioning during the summer months and out of the cold during the winter months.  These dogs have a shorter breathing passage, and the extreme heat and cold is not good for them.

A couple of good indoor dogs that make good apartment dogs are:





Maybe you’re looking for a little dog to bring into your apartment.  These dogs may have a lot of energy, but they are small enough to run around your apartment and burn off that energy.

A couple of small dogs that make good apartment dogs are:


Miniature Pinschers

Italian Greyhounds


Or, you might prefer a low-energy dog.  These dogs are satisfied with a daily walk, and they would prefer to sit on the couch next to you instead of running around the dog park.

A couple of low-energy dogs that make good apartment are:

English Toy Spaniels


Basset Hounds


Believe it or not, some big dogs make good apartment dogs.  Your best bet is a big dog that also has a low energy level.  That way, all he will need is a long walk and a play session once or twice a week to keep him happy.

A couple of big dogs that make good apartment dogs are:

Saint Bernard




Even mixed breed dogs make good apartment dogs, just as long as they have been properly trained.  Try to find your apartment dog at the animal rescue shelter — where they usually have plenty of mixed breeds and a few purebred dogs available.


Already Have A Dog?

If you already have a dog and you need to find an apartment, then you will need to do your homework first to find an apartment that meets the needs of both you and your dog.

It wouldn’t hurt to make a resume for your dog to give to your potential landlord.  It’s best to be upfront with landlords in order to earn their trust — and acceptance — of you and your dog.

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