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Organization Name: Last Hope K9 Rescue
Location: Boston, MA 02113
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Last Hope K9 Rescue

Species: Dogs, Cats
Breed(s): Pure and Mixed Breeds
Organization Type: Rescue
Organization Status: Non-Profit

Last Hope K9 Rescue Organization currently has 1 dogs for adoption and rescue. If you are considering adopting a dog, please read the Adoption Tips to learn more about what it takes and what to expect. Visit our website or call us to learn more about the adoption process. You are always welcome to support our effort by sponsoring one of our dogs or donating directly to our organization. Your help is greatly needed and appreciated!

*100% of your donation will go directly to the organization
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  • Mutt Dog For Adoption in Boston, MA, USA



    Breed: Mutt
    Sex: Female Female
    Age: Adult
    Location: USA
    Posted Breed: Elkhound / Mixed. NOTE: THIS IS A COURTESY POST. Holtzmann is not available for adoption through Last Hope K9. The adopter can be contacted at for further information. Holtzmann is a bright, sweet, and goofy dog. It took two days for her to learn her new name even from our inexperienced hands. She's independent, yet is quite happy to snuggle with you on the sofa or bed, if allowed, and especially if ear scratches are involved! She loves human interaction in play, but is also able to entertain herself with chew toys and exploration. She is happiest being nearby her humans and either chewing her toys, supervising, or napping. She has passed the MSPCA's Canine Good Citizen Class and is in the process of completing her E-Collar training so she can hike and explore off-leash. Holtzmann is beloved at her Day Care, where she is often used to test the temperament of applicant dogs and has made many dog friends. She is very well-socialized with other dogs, and would do equally well in a home as the only dog or as an addition. She is house trained, and indicates she needs to go out by sitting near the door and/or nuzzling her leash. What time I have had to train her she is fast study, but does need reinforcement. For example: she had a very strong prey drive for squirrels and after about a week of treating not lunging or barking she only focuses and leans when she sees them. While she rapidly adapted to the sights and sounds of the city, she still can find traffic and loud surprising noises distressing (e.g she gets skittish but is not aggressive). She does get excited and barks when the doorbell rings but that is easily trainable for someone with the time and patience. She is gentle with children (although occasionally can bump the smaller ones so I watch her carefully!). Outside she will occasionally bark at other dogs when both are on leashes, but off-leash she is very friendly and gets along with every dog at the two dog parks we frequent. Holtzmann also can also exhibit anxiety (she is non aggressive and non-destructive but paces, whines, and barks), although if I am honest, I am an anxious person and have become more so as I’ve struggled to balance my life with care for Holtzmann. But she likely needs help building more confidence in unfamiliar situations. What I have had time to train her with is basic obedience, silent heel (double tap on lead makes her sit), and with her separation anxiety so that I am able to leave the house without upsetting her, which was a serious issue after my ex left us. Her ideal home would emphasize stability and have access to open spaces for her to explore. I have worked hard to make the city work as best as I can for Holtzmann, but an ideal home would be in a more rural or suburban environs. Holtzmann is a social dog and would be happiest with opportunities to socialize with other dogs as well as humans and loves trips and adventures. While eager to please, Holtzmann is also a strong-willed dog and would do best with someone who is experienced with dogs and can provide consistency with boundaries. She is gentle with children, but I have not had the opportunity to expose her to children under 10 and any potential future home should take that fact into consideration.
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    Mutt Dog For Adoption in Boston, MA, USA