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Paloma (S) - Great Pyrenees (long coat) Dog For Adoption
Great Pyrenees Dog For Adoption in Spring, TX, USA


Ad Statistics

Ad ID: ADN-761622
Times Ad Viewed: 25 times
Date Listed: 01/20/2018
Date Expires: 03 days from now

verified Rescue Information

Organization Name: Great Pyrenees Rescue Society
Location: Spring, TX

Breed: Great Pyrenees
Gender: Female Female

Paloma (S)

Age: Adult
Color/Markings: White
Size at Maturity: Large
Availability Date: 01/20/2018
Location: Spring, TX, 76123
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Tags: Great Pyrenees Dog For Adoption in Spring, TX, USA

Great Pyrenees Dog For Adoption in Spring, TX, USA

Physical Attributes
Coat Length Long
Grooming Needs Moderate
Likes to Vocalize Quiet
Shedding Amount Moderate
Altered Yes
Behavioral Characteristics
OK with Kids Yes
OK with Dogs No
OK with Cats Yes
Energy Level Moderate
Activity Level Moderately Active
Exercise Needs Moderate
Fence Required 6 foot
Obedience Training Has Basic Training
Owner Experience Required Breed
  • Yard Required
  • Apartment Appropriate
  • Leash Trained
  • Housetrained
  • Good in a Car
Personality Characteristics
  • Obedient
  • Affectionate
  • Eager to Please
  • Intelligent
  • Even-Tempered
  • Gentle
Additional Information
Was the Dog Found No
  • Up-to-date on Vaccinations

Posted Breed: Great Pyrenees (long coat). Please fill out our short application - the link is below - we are FAST! Our applications are usually processed in less than 7 days but we have done one in less than 8 hours!! Meet Paloma! Being with people is her favorite thing! She was born around 6/1/2014, and is full-sized at 85 pounds. This girl is very affectionate, sweet, easy going, and laid back. She likes to be right by you and help you do things, like helping you put your shoes and socks on by laying her head on your lap. She is friendly towards every one she meets. Paloma would be happiest as the only dog in her new home. Cats are her preferred furry companion! She likes getting cozy with her kitty twin in her foster home. She is house trained, leash trained, and rides well in a car. She has no need for a crate. She is mostly quiet, and will share her deep, gruff bark only when needed. She should not be placed with young children or the very elderly, because she is a hard sleeper and startles easily. Also she sometimes gets over enthusiastic and jumps on people. Foster mom is working to stop this habit, but we don’t anyone getting accidentally pushed to the ground. All of our dogs require secure and VISIBLE fencing. Adoption Fee: $300 * Note to NW Adopters: The adoption fee does not include the cost of transport. There are many things YOU can do to help us: 1. Adopt! If this Gentle Giant looks like the one for you, fill out an adoption application today! 2. Foster! This is a temporary commitment that gives all dogs in need the assured time to find the loving home they deserve. Your benevolent decision to foster unquestionably determines whether a loving dog gets to live or die. 3. Donate! Safeguarding these Gentle Giants result in expenses that are in upwards $8/day. If veterinary care is needed, the costs exponentiate to $1,000+ for a single dog. Every penny you donate makes an impact when it comes to vet bills! If you were to make a one-time donation of just $25, you would be adding 3 more valuable days to the life of every rescued dog and provide the chance to find the home they have been waiting for their entire life. As always, all donations are gratefully accepted. If you are interested in adopting this dog or need further information, please contact GPRS at or fill out our SHORT application form. Every dog adopted thru the GPRS program is up to date on all vaccinations, spayed/neutered and on heartworm preventative.

Great Pyrenees

A.K.A. : Patou, Chien des Pyrénées, Chien de Montagne des, Pyrénées, Montañés del Pirineo, Gos de muntanya dels, Pirineus
Overview: The Great Pyrenees needs a lot of space for exercise, though he can be calm and well-behaved indoors. He forms a loyal and loving attachment to his family, though often chooses to be close to one special family member.
Breed Group: Working
Weight (lbs): male: 100, female: 85
Height (in): male: 27-32, female: 25-29
Colors: White or white with markings of gray, badger, reddish brown, or tan.
Coat: The weather resistant double coat consists of a long, flat, thick, outer coat of coarse hair, straight or slightly undulating, and lying over a dense, fine, woolly undercoat.
Character: Great Pyrenees dogs are gentle and very friendly with other dogs and with kids. They are happy to protect their family when needed.
Temperament: This breed will be a good dog for anyone. They get along well with other dogs, other animals, children, or visitor.
Care: The Great Pyrenees requires regular grooming with a brush and comb to prevent the occasional tangles.
Training: This breed is sensitive to the tone of your voice, so training should be consistent and calm.
Activity: The Great Pyrenees loves to swim, but should have long walks only as an adult.
Country of Origin: France
Health Issue: This breed is prone to hip dysplasia and skin problems.
Life Expectancy: 10

More About Great Pyrenees Breed
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