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POMSKY Dog for Adoption in VIRGINIA (VA)

Pomsky Dog For Adoption in DAYTON, VA, USA


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Date Listed: 03/31/2018
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Breed: Pomsky
Gender: Male Male


Age: Young
Availability Date: 03/31/2018
Location: DAYTON, VA, 22821
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Pomsky Dog For Adoption in DAYTON, VA, USA

Reason we are putting him up for adoption... We got him for a pet for our 1 1/2 year old son, and did not realize how hyper the breed is, and we don't have a very large place, so just decided to put him up for adoption and see if we can't find something a little slower paced!! SORRY HAS FOUND A NEW HOME!

A.K.A. : Siberian Husky Pomeranian Mix
Overview: A Pomsky is a cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. A crossing usually consists of a female Husky and a male Pomeranian. This is to avoid any complications that may occur if the smaller Pomeranian were to carry puppies sired by the much larger Siberian Husky male.
Breed Group: Companion
Weight (lbs): 10-25 Lbs
Height (in): 12-24 inches
Colors: variation of white, black and grey, similar to their Husky parent.
Coat: The Pomsky’s coat is soft and fluffy and is prone to a fair amount of shedding; especially if it’s genetic build is primarily that of its Pomeranian father. Because both the Pomeranian and Siberian Husky have a curved tail, the Pomsky also sports one
Character: The Pomsky tends to be good natured and playful, gentle with kids and very lively. They are quick to learn and love to play, and tend to be quiet pups.
Temperament: The Pomsky’s temperament can be varied depending on each parent’s genetic contribution, but they are generally considered to be highly intelligent, loving and playful dogs.
Training: Pomskies are highly intelligent and respond well to reward based training methods. However, they can sometimes inherit the Pomeranian’s stubbornness and should therefore be handled with calm and assertive leadership. Failure to do so can result in “small dog syndrome” and other behavioral problems.
Activity: Pomskies typically require a moderate activity level that can be adaptable to their owner’s lifestyle. They need a short to moderate walk or active playtime each day, like any dog.
Country of Origin: USA
Health Issue: Pomeranians often suffer from dental issues resulting from a buildup of plaque. Pomskies too can suffer from similar dental conditions and should be taken for regular dental checkups.
Life Expectancy: 13-15 Years

More About Pomsky Breed
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