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Breeder Name: Darren
Years in Business: 3 years
Location: ENGLEWOOD, FL, 34223
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Breed(s): Poodle (Standard)
Achievements & Awards: Multiple Group ones and Best of Breeds, Champion, Grandchampion
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My 4 dogs live with me in the house and also where the puppies are raised. All parents are Conformation Champions with extensive health testing to ensure a happy healthy family member for many years to come. I am focused on Medium sized dogs 30-40 pounds. Small Standard, Giant Mini Poodle also known as Moyen or Klein Poodles. The colors that are produced are white, cream, black, phantom, parti, tri. Pups start house training at 3 weeks and are in 4 different environments at 8 weeks giving them a great advantage to the training process. I have no human children so I go a bit further that most. All the parents have clean bills of health from their eyes, hips, knees, patella, NE, DM and many more. That may not seem like anything important but it is. These are problems that are passed down through the generations so knowing your new pup has a good head start on having a quality and happy life is important to me. All my dogs have wonderful temperaments. The dogs go to community events involving thousands of people, regional dog shows , and work with me to my grooming shop. I feed a grain free kibble mixed with coco nut oil for everyday maintenance. Pups are vaccinated and certified by a state veterinarian before leaving to there new homes.

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