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Arestovich Family
DENVER, CO, 80202, USA
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USAArestovich Family

Poodle (Toy) Dogs Breeder in DENVER, CO, USA


With years of experience in the realm of dog breeding, we have honed our expertise and cultivated a deep understanding of these delightful creatures. Our journey has been one of passion, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. **Our Adorable Teacup and Toy Poodles** Our pride lies in our beautiful Teacup Poodles, each unique in personality and appearance. The puppies are priced between $3,000 and $6,500, a reflection of their color, sex, and weight. We offer a spectrum of colors, from standard to exotic, and our puppies typically grow to be no more than 9 inches tall and weigh under 7 pounds, embodying the true essence of the Teacup/Toy Poodle. Our breeding program is anchored by our wonderful parent dogs. The mother, weighing 5.12lbs, and the father, at 3.5lbs, both exemplify the breed's standards in size, temperament, and beauty. Their lineage and characteristics are the foundation of our breeding quality. **Connect with Us** For those interested in adding a Teacup Poodle to their family, we invite you to contact us directly at 305-927-9899 for more pictures and information. Join the Arestovich Family circle and experience the jo

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