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Wolf Hybrid, Artic/Timber/Husky Mix, Wolf hybrid puppies Mix and Timber Wolf-Wolf Hybrid Mix Dog Breeder in CHINO VALLEY, Arizona, USA


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Breeder Name: Dani
Years in Business: 6 years
Location: CHINO VALLEY, AZ, 86323
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Breed(s): Wolf Hybrid, Artic/Timber/Husky Mix, Wolf hybrid puppies Mix, Timber Wolf-Wolf Hybrid Mix
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We always rescued, fostered and adopted. 6 years ago we were given our wolf dogs and it changed our lives. We do few litters, and pups come with a spay/neuter/honorable return contract unless otherwise discussed. Owners are expected to share pictures and life stories with us. You can depend on us for support. Must be active and understand wolf and husky behavior. Echo is an amazing stud and he is available. Our two breeder girls are pure Siberian Husky. At the current time, pus are 39 percent Timber Wolf. We hope to trade one of our female pups for a female from a new bloodline as well. Please add yourselves to our Facebook Group, the Welcome Wolf and share your stories and passions with wolfdogs...facebook/groups/1313365765358446/ Pups are 700$ with $350 deposit and a signed and notarized contract. 610-823-3742. howlinhandshotmail

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