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  • Mywhatadoodle Canine Ranch

    Member since: 01/20/2017

    Breed(s): Aussiedoodle, Goldendoodle, Labradoodle
    Location: WEIR, KS

    I am a Specialty Breeder Of Doodles. I live in the SE corner of Kansas on a small 14 acre farm. I have been breeding and raising canines since 1998, but my experience goes much further back. I have only a handful of adult pairs, 1 Golden Retriever female, 1 Lab female, F1 Labradooles F1 Goldendoodles, Standard Poodle Studs. I have introduced to the breeding program quality F1's from my own unrelated breeding stock to continue into the True F2 second generation to maintain the 50/50 mix intended for these breeds, enhancing the Hybrid Vigor and duplicate the positive gene to avoid the purebred plaques so well known in pure breeds today.. I am registered and licensed in the State of Kansas. I respect the breeder pairs. Breeding girls once a year, not every heat cycle. She needs a break and needs to build strength and good health in order to produce the best quality pups. Care for the parent pairs with the right food, exercise and vitamins on a continual basis. The new arrivals are important to me as if they were my very own children, I nurture, I love, I hold, I cuddle, I talk, I sing, I have patience and this process I perform from day one until they leave my home. I have hands on with each and everyone daily and strongly believe that socializing is as important as health. I am almost always there when they arrive and like any mother I'm counting toes, ears and checking every part of them. I morn when some don't make it through the first hours, but I know in my heart there is a reason, so I do not question it. I am thankful that is not a common thing to deal with. All of my pairs are health tested, genetically sound, kept up to date on all vaccinations, head to toe checks are by my Vet on her annual vet visit. Mothers to be are vet checked at least once during the last weeks before she is due to whelp.

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