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  • Aussiedoodle Dog For Adoption in Bowmanville, ON



    Breed: Aussiedoodle
    Sex: Female Female
    Age: Adult
    Location: Bowmanville, ON
    Posted Breed: Poodle (Standard) / Australian Shepherd / Mixed. Simcoe is an amazing dog with a larger than life personality! She'll chase a ball with you, follow you through the woods and then snuggle up nice and close on the couch. She's a little excited by car rides and it's a good idea to buckle her in. Who can blame her? The car takes you to fun places! Simcoe was misdiagnosed with Addison's disease a few years ago. Her owner was treating her for the disease, and then surrendered her to another rescue. That rescue was uncomfortable dealing with an Addison's diagnosis so they asked us to take over her care. We were happy to do it. Upon a thorough review of Simcoe's medical history we determined, with the help of our vet, that Simcoe was misdiagnosed. We stopped her medication under the care of our vet and then did a lot of tests. Simcoe's blood work has come back clear. No issues at all! Our beautiful girl doesn't have Addison's disease! So now we have a 7 year old, energetic, fun, happy, playful dog looking for a forever home. She loves to walk, loves people and loves to play. Simcoe is a little anxious so she would like to live in a home where her owners will create a calm environment when they go out. Simcoe is good with large dogs, like her, but she is too much for small dogs. Unfortunately she just doesn't know her own size! If you would like to meet Simcoe, please email us to start the conversation. Please note that Simcoe is being fostered in the Bowmanville area and you must be able to travel there to meet her. We require that you complete an adoption application prior to meeting any of our dogs. An adoption fee will apply at time of adoption.
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    Aussiedoodle Dog For Adoption in Bowmanville, ON

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