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  • Cairn Corgi Dog For Adoption in Griffin, GA



    Breed: Cairn Corgi
    Sex: Male Male
    Age: Adult
    Location: Griffin, GA
    Posted Breed: Cairn Terrier / Corgi / Mixed (medium coat). ADOPTION APPLICTAION: Cairn Terrier/Corgi mix 4yrs Is 28 lbs Full Grown! Wesley was rescued from a local kill shelter. Interaction with dogs: Is good with other dogs, will play some but mostly a companion. Interaction with children: He is good with All children. Activity Level: He is moderately active. He loves attention and will play, but mostly lounges around. Leash manners: He walks well on a leash! Housetraining: He is currently crate training and doesn't have any accidents in his crate. He is currently house trained with a doggie door. Major Personality Traits: Friendly, calm, and loves to be petted! Gentle and Happy Dog. Great Friend. Wesley has heartworms. While he is getting treatment, we would still like to help him find a home that would be ready to adopt him when he is finished on March 1st. We treated 31 dogs for heartworms last year. Heartworms are very common in GA. These dogs get treatment and go on to live a normal and happy full life. Please consider Wesley! If interested in adopting please call 404-997-2831 or email
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    Cairn Corgi Dog For Adoption in Griffin, GA

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