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  • Chesador Dog For Adoption in Naples, FL

    Henry 678


    Breed: Chesador
    Sex: Male Male
    Location: Naples, FL
    Posted Breed: Labrador Retriever / Chesapeake Bay Retriever / Mixed (medium coat). Henry, aka Goofball, is a happy, energetic young Lab mix who loves walks, belly rubs and just hanging out with his human! Henry is friendly, adores water and loves to play. He needs a patient owner, but once he trusts you, he is all in! He loves every human he meets and can be quite exuberant. Henry can be quite puppy-like at times, with selective hearing skills :) He is doing very well with learning manners, but will test you if he is in that playful mood. He will do anything for a treat. The perfect situation for Henry includes a fenced yard because he loves to hang out in the yard and is very quiet. He would do best with an active owner, frequent walks, additional training and structure. Henry seems to be OK with low-key dogs, but would not do well with dogs who are amped or in his face. No little dogs and no kitties around this boy — he will chase! He would be perfectly fine as an only dog. He is great on the leash with a training collar. He still does not want to give you the things he values..... a ball, a kong.... but he will drop for his foster mom if she has food. Henry is looking for a patient family that has experience with large dogs, to teach him manners. If you are interested in adopting Henry and are an approved home, please contact Jeanine or Lynette, or send us a private message on Facebook. If you are not yet approved and live in Southwest or Central Florida, please go to and fill out an application. Thank you!
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    Chesador Dog For Adoption in Naples, FL

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