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  • Doxie-Chin Dog For Adoption in El Cajon, CA



    Breed: Doxie-Chin
    Sex: Female Female
    Age: Young
    Location: El Cajon, CA
    Posted Breed: Dachshund / Japanese Chin / Mixed (medium coat). With an underbite that wins her fans everywhere she goes, say hello to Devaney! Devaney arrived at The Barking Lot in January, 2016 with a large group of dogs from Barstow Humane Society. TBL volunteers all immediately fell in love with her little underbite and her spunky personality. From the day she arrived, Devaney made it very clear that she loves people, as she follows volunteers all over the play yard, dancing on her hind legs asking for a little attention (which she always gets because who can say no to that face)! We soon found out that she was pregnant with a belly full of puppies, and she gave birth to the Three Musketeer Puppies (currently available for adoption) in March 2016. At 3-years-old, Devaney is fully-grown at the compact size of 14 or so pounds. Devaney gets along well with other dogs, currently sharing her kennel with three other similarly sized pups. She loves to bounce around the play yard, chasing her friends around and jumping on top of them during little wrestling matches. It's pretty clear that humans are Devaney's number one priority though, as she stops all of the puppy shenanigans and immediately rushes over to say hi as soon as any volunteer enters the play yard. This Dachshund/Japanese Chin mix is quite the looker, with a black and white coat and a sweet fluffy tail. Her coat is fluffy and will require some semi-regular grooming to keep it tangle free and pretty. Devaney's small size makes her the perfect addition to any living situation. She's small, leash trained, people and dog friendly, treat motivated, and has one of the cutest underbites we have ever seen - what more could you ask for in a pup? Submit an app for this sweet girl and come meet Devaney today! If you'd like to meet Devaney, please visit For more information on this dog's breed, copy & paste the following URLs into your browser:
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    Doxie-Chin Dog For Adoption in El Cajon, CA

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