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  • Doxie-Chon Dog For Adoption in Greenwood, LA



    Breed: Doxie-Chon
    Sex: Male Male
    Age: Young
    Location: Greenwood, LA
    Posted Breed: Bichon Frise / Dachshund / Mixed (medium coat). FROSTY : Currently has a meet scheduled with a family. We will go ahead and post him just in case. Male around 2 years old Bichon Dachshund mix. The breed had me stumped... then I kept thinking the hair reminded me of a bichon. Thats when I found a twin... bichon dachshund mix! So that's the best guess I've got. Currently 12 lbs cannot guarantee if house trained at this time. He has been in quarantine and currently uses puppy pads in his room. will potty outside. dog friendly child friendly Intake: Dec 22, 2016 He resided at animal control over a month. Vetting: All of our animals receive all the care they need. Vet exam. Had neutered. Microchipped under rescue (info below). Up to date on shots. Dewormed and treated for hookworms/whipworms. On intake was very emaciated and anemic. Had to have capstar for fleas, IV fluids, b12 shot. Treated for kennel cough. We had to let him recover and gain strength before we could continue vetting. Had tested for worms again, was negative. Heartworm tested and was positive (with no symptoms, please read on down below for information on this) we do slow treatment so he is in the process of his one month of meds (pill twice a his favorite..cheese!) and needs to continue regular heartworm prevention like every other dog. Currently on heartguard (monthly heartworm prevention) and Bravecto for flea/tick prevention (lasts 3 months). History: Frosty was found and brought to the local shelter where he was selected for adoption. I had seen him in there but he was tagged for adoption so i moved on. He ended up being heartworm positive though and not allowed to go in adoptions. Frosty was at the shelter for 42 days. One day I saw him on the outside of the run...I went in and was shocked at how skinny he was. You couldn't tell with all of the fluff. I got him food and he happily ate. Then i held him. Didn't want to put him down. He was so small and sweet. The shelter was about to be closed for Christmas. I was scared he wouldn't survive the break. Frosty left the shelter that day and was brought straight to the vet where he got iv fluids, meds, b12shot, dewormer for all of the worms he had etc. It was a tough beginning as he was sick but he pulled through! He is now a chunky happy boy!!! Personality: Frosty seems to be a laid back dog. He has mostly been in quarantine with me so as far as home tendencies I really do not know. He really isnt use to being held although he does allow it. He grunts when you pick him up haha. Just not use to it. He is pretty quiet. Whimpers when excited. Not a barker. Scared of a bath but got through it! Loves attention!!! Will sit on his little butt like a prairie dog! Has been great with my daughter. Does good with my dogs when let out with them. Does good on the leash. Does good in the vehicle. Really just wants to be near people. He seems intelligent to me. Like there is so much he's probably thinking about...just smart. Quiet and smart. My best description for him. I'd love to have him in the home environment even more but my dominant male may cause a scene lol. Hopefully Frosty will be adopted in no time though. I know he is getting meds for heartworm treatment right now... but hes amazing! And Im proud of him for using the potty pads in his room. Now he does like to eat! I may have gotten him a little chunky at this point! (my bad!) and he loves sitting for cheese!!! Its the cutest! I think Frosty will become a great addition to a lucky family! About Microchip: Our animals are microchipped under the rescue. By having the animals microchipped under us it provides us with a definite option of the animal being safe if found. If the pet ever goes missing you can let us know as well so we may help find them. If we ever are called on the animal being found we will try our best for 2 weeks to get in contact with the owners (as you should also be trying to get in contact with us) and if the owner is not found after 2 weeks the animal is legally ours again via our contract. This is a GREAT safety precaution for loving families. It means you will have an awesome caring team devoted to reuniting you with your baby. We ourselves have found microchipped dogs that have been rehomed and ended up in shelters on a euthanasia list. We take this very seriously as we never want that to happen to any of our animals. We also require first option of taking an animal back if the home does not work out. You can consider us a forever family for the pets adopted from us. Adoption: Adoption fee $100. We have a non refundable $100 adoption fee. This goes to help us with vetting expenses so we can save the next in need. Go to to apply for adoption. We ask that you first email us at to let us know to expect your application. Sometimes they do not send through. Try to include as much about yourself as possible. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ***** If a dog has heartworms do not let it deter you from adoption. We place our heartworm positive dogs on a month of doxycycline twice a day and heartworm prevention. The doxy kills any baby heartworms and weakens the adults until they die of age. This is gentler on the pet than full blown treatment and is best for our animals going through foster care. The pet just needs to stay on regular prevention afterward. You may speak with your personal vet about the full on treatment if that is preferred and a possibility for the pet. Send any questions on the matter!
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    Doxie-Chon Dog For Adoption in Greenwood, LA

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