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  • Goldmaraner Dog For Adoption in Evergreen, CO

    Red - courte...


    Breed: Goldmaraner
    Sex: Male Male
    Age: Senior
    Location: Evergreen, CO
    Posted Breed: Golden Retriever / Weimaraner / Mixed (short coat). All people inquiring about pets listed as Courtesy Listings on the EAPL website and/or EAPL posting adoption boards should contact the current pet owner/rescue/shelter for answers to any questions and for final approval and placement. Please DO NOT CONTACT EAPL about courtesy listings. The pet owner/rescue/shelter and new owner shall make all arrangements on transferring the pet, information on history, vaccines, etc. Red: is 10 yrs old His breed is the famous " Mutt": Weimaraner, Golden Retriever, Pit Bull, several others (genetic tests were run but not on hand) All shots up to date w/ papers. Great with adults, kids, other dogs. Not friendly with cats (or rabbits, or squirrels, etc... he chases but too slow to catch) Adopted from rescue center at ~5 yrs old, family dog (dad, mom, 2 yr old boy, infant boy) for 4 yrs, with me alone for the last year. He does have arthritic hips requiring pain treatment, currently well controlled w/ gabapentin 200mg 2x/day. Also an allergy condition leading to skin licking and some shedding, currently on 12-wk food trial of hydrolyzed proteins to confirm a protein is the cause (vet feels that it is). He's a very loving dog that thrives in larger social conditions -- other dogs, lots of people. He is very tolerant of children, wants to hang around them, will guard them, has even been "walked" by a boy as young as two. He would be best placed in a family, and is really happy at dog parks, downtown w/ countless people in chaotic social conditions (he just gets happier with the chaos), new neighborhoods to walk around and smell, and even bars that are dog friendly and allow them to roam. Red makes friends with absolutely everyone. He experiences separation anxiety if left home alone for more than a few hours. He's incapable of being over-loved by people. Some of his pics are of Red being just fine on a six week road trip in an RV visiting strange people and places. Please call Steve if you are interested in meeting Red 720-470-4071
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    Goldmaraner Dog For Adoption in Evergreen, CO

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