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  • Jatese Dog For Adoption in Princeton, MN



    Breed: Jatese
    Sex: Male Male
    Age: Young
    Location: Princeton, MN
    Posted Breed: Maltese / Japanese Chin / Mixed (medium coat). Hi, I'm Wookie! I am loving my new foster mom's house, she even has a big friend for me to play with which I love! Even though I am small I am a tough little guy and can hang with all the dogs, big and small! My foster mom takes me to the dog park almost every day and I love sprinting in the long grass and chasing the dogs. I like to wrestle and play tug of war too, but usually do that at home with my foster brother. I love to snuggle, and the first few days I liked to sleep right on my foster mom's chest so I knew where she was. Now that I have settled in a bit I sleep anywhere on the bed and like to snuggle by my foster brother. I am working on my potty training but am very good at using the potty pads. I almost never miss! Right now I'm in an apartment building so it is a little harder to tell my mom I have to go outside, but with a little training and a different house I could learn very easily! ​I am just the sweetest little guy and everyone says they love me when they meet me! They also always tell me how impressed they are that I can hold it with the bigs dogs! Right now my foster mom is home all day with me so I am not alone very much, which I love. At my other house I was alone during the day when my mom was at work. I don't like to be kenneled and never have been, but I am pretty good at not making too much of a mess if I am let out by myself. Sometimes I have gotten anxious and been a little destructive, but I am better when I have a friend to be with at home. I attach very easily and am a very loyal and affectionate dog, and being by myself for too long could be hard. I think my perfect home would be one that would be able to give me lots of attention and time, and remember that even though I am small I think I am big! I would also like someone that is home a lot of the day, or has another friend to keep me company with! I will need some special attention for the rest of my life since I have a high liver enzyme count. It doesn't affect me at all in my day to day, but I need to eat special food and take a pill every day to make sure I don't get sick. But I am such a good boy and take my pill and eat my special food no problem! Submit an Adoption Application * All animals are in foster homes located throughout the Twin Cities & Central Minnesota. We do not have a facility. *
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    Jatese Dog For Adoption in Princeton, MN

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