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  • Labany Dog For Adoption in Houston, TX



    Breed: Labany
    Sex: Male Male
    Age: Young
    Location: Houston, TX
    Posted Breed: Labrador Retriever / Brittany / Mixed (short coat). Hi, my name is Mickey! I am a happy, playful, funny puppy who can't wait to find my forever home! Oh, and I'm also deaf! But don't worry, that doesn't slow me down one bit! I had a home once and a family I loved very much! They adopted me when I was just a little baby. But they soon figured out that I couldn't hear and they took me to the city pound to be euthanized. I was so scared and confused. Why did they stop loving me just cuz my ears don't work? But Red Collar Rescue knew I was an amazing dog - deaf or not! Off I went to the vet for all my shots, neutering and a microchip. I am a lovebug - never met a lap I didn't like but mostly I like to play, run, and play some more! I am great with dogs my own size and I'm super smart. I even know some hand signals. I am currently living with a foster, and working with a trainer to learn even more! Email to adopt me! Age: 3 yrs Weight: 40 lbs Dogs? ok Cats? no Kids? ok Needs Foster? no UPDATE from Mickey's foster family: Mickey loves to play. He does very well in the car. He would do well with a canine playmate or two. Our neighbors, have a small child. Mickey did well when we introduced them. Mickey sometime's barks when he first meets people. That's just him saying hello. Mickey cannot hear so he doesn't realize how scary he can sound. Once he meets you, he's all about hugs and kisses. He is very motivated by pleasing us. He loves and needs to be told he's a good boy. Mickey is starting his AKC Canine Good Citizen class and will be done in a few weeks. He's goofy and will accept that he is not the alpha in a pack. He will try to be second though. He loves being close to his people. He sleeps with us and snuggles with us at night. He likes chew toys and socks, especially Himalayan dog chews. Mickey will thrive in a home that can give him lots of attention, TLC and will be patient while they adjust to each other. In many ways, he is still a puppy. He is unique and will be worth the love and care because Mickey possesses an infinite capacity to love.
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    Labany Dog For Adoption in Houston, TX

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