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  • Norwegian Buhund Dog For Adoption in Christiana, TN, USA

    Fenrir *Cour...


    Breed: Norwegian Buhund
    Sex: Male Male
    Age: Adult
    Location: USA
    Posted Breed: Norwegian Buhund (medium coat). **Fenrir is a courtesy post and is not part of Operation Education. If you have any questions or are interesting in making Fenrir part of your family, please contact* Fenrir is a 7 year old Norwegian Buhund in good health. He is currently up to date on his shots (due for two boosters in January which we will be taking care of) and is not currently on any medications. He is neutered. We are sad to be giving up Fenrir, but we have come to realize that we are not the best owners for him. He requires a bit more care and attention than we are currently able to give. Due to this, it is with a heavy heart we have decided to find a better home for him. He is very well potty trained and has gone through multiple training courses, including a recent basic training class. He responds well to training when on leash in a distraction free environment, but when off leash, or outdoors he gets distracted and loses interest. He will occasionally react poorly to certain stimulus, such as motorcycles and large trucks when they pass near him. When not properly distracted he will bark and lunge at these. He is also aggressive towards squirrels and other small animals, he will try to chase them if he sees them. Fenrir has spent very little time with other dogs, so has very little experience socializing with them. We have put him in various situations with other dogs and have seen him be fine, and on other occasions he is constantly trying to mount other dogs. I believe with proper socialization and time he would be great with other dogs. As for cats, we do not know how he is as we, nor his previous owners, owned cats. He has spent very little time around children and what time he has has been to mixed results. When the children are calm he is just fine and has no issues with them. When he sees children running around outside he will bark at them. I think that seeing energetic children causes his herding instincts to kick in, but we have never let him out in that situation. When inside, Fenrir will usually keep to himself and is very calm and quiet. While he does not usually seek them out, he loves to be petted and enjoys playing with the right toys. His current favorite is a cat toy that is a mouse on the end of a string. He will chase is until he is so tired he just has to stop. He can be picky with toys, but find the right ones and he loves them. Fenrir is also very good about letting you know when he needs something and can be very sweet and cute once he bonds to you. It takes some time, but he will bond given time and love.
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    Norwegian Buhund Dog For Adoption in Christiana, TN, USA

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