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Name Gender Category Meaning Famous Usage
U.B. Smart M Literature New York City fire prevention literature for children
Uba M Ethnic & Foreign - African Wealthy? "Characterized by abundance, worthy "
Ubadah M Ethnic & Foreign - Arabic Serves god
Ubaid M Ethnic & Foreign - Arabic Faithful
Ubu M Arts & Leisure Ubu Productions "Black Lab with white Frisbee in mouth; ""Sit, Ubu, Sit Good dog """"Woof!"""
Uchi M Ethnic & Foreign - Japanese Friend or student
Uchi F Ethnic & Foreign - Japanese Friend or student
Udeh M Ethnic & Foreign - Hebrew Praise
Udo M Ethnic & Foreign - African "Means ""peace"" in Igbo "
Udo F Ethnic & Foreign - African "Means ""peace"" in Igbo "
Udolf M Ethnic & Foreign - English Wealthy wolf
Uehudah M Ethnic & Foreign - Hebrew Man from Judah
UGA M Movies & Television "U of GA / Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil, WarnerBrothers, 1997" "Team mascot who also appeared in ""Midnight"""
Ugly Olaf M Cartoons "Peanuts, Charles Schulz" Snoopy's beagle brother
Ugolyok M Historical "Kosmos 110, 1966" Shot into space on Russian satellite
Ulan M Ethnic & Foreign - African First-Born Twin "Ulan Bator, Ulan Ude"
Ulbrecht M Ethnic & Foreign - German Noble or bright
Ultan M Ethnic & Foreign - Celtic From Ulster in Ireland St Ultan
Uma F Ethnic & Foreign - Indian "Means ""flax"" in Sanskrit "
Umar M Ethnic & Foreign - Arabic "Means ""populous"" or ""flourishing"", derived from Arabic amara ""to thrive"" " Umar Farooq

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Few aspects of bringing your new family member home are as emotional as picking out your puppy's name. This is not something to rush into lightly. Take your time. Often, you'll find a puppy's behavior will inspire an idea for its name. Therefore, you'll want to wait and see if, over the course of the first few days at home, the perfect name jumps out at you! Of course, many owners choose names that are suggestive of physical features of the dog. This is especially apparent with coat color. Still other owners choose names that are people's names. However, you may prefer a name that seems to fit the breed and the dog's eventual size and shape. Keeping it fairly short or simple will be a big help for friends, family members, and veterinary staff who need to learn your dog's name. Take a look at the names above and see if any strike you as a good match for your puppy. The key thing to remember is to choose a name that seems to fit your puppy and make sure it's a name you like!