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Great Bernese Puppy For Sale in SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA

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    Great Bernese

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    11 Months Old

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Great Bernese Puppy For Sale in SCOTTSDALE, AZ, USA

Great Pyrenees x Bernese Mountain Dog. S.O.L.D. Our next litter will be born in January. Please visit our website (GreatBernesePuppies. com) for more photos of Ginger and her family, plus, information about this WONDERFUL breed! GINGER is sweet, affectionate and loves to give kisses! She is smart and outgoing. She is also adventurous, confident, playful and athletic. She is expressive and a great communicator, as illustrated by the photos above. The one with the really sad face was taken after my son left for college. She had a huge smile when he returned the following weekend, since he is only 45 minutes away! ​ Her white markings are unique and so cute! Her base color will likely become a darker color and her black pigmentation will continue to fill in around her eyes and nose. She has had excellent care and nutrition. She has been de-wormed and is up to date on her vaccinations. Ginger has experience with indoor and outdoor time, “Come,” “Sit,” other dogs, horses, cats, children, potty training, car rides, baths, nails clipped, attentively cared for by her mother, father, older brother and being thoroughly loved by us! We are a family who have adored making these puppies our #1 focus for the past 10 weeks. No kennels or nameless puppies here! They were raised in our home with lots of love and the best of care. Google Search has not picked up our new website yet so please type it directly into the search bar.

Items Included: Puppies my be shipped anywhere in the US or Canada at 10 weeks of age. Shipping price includes: Flight, Large Airline Crate (you keep), Bedding, Veterinary Exam, Health Certificate, Collar and leash. $375 - $500 (Varies due to location/flights)

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Father of the Great Bernese puppies born on 06/30/2019
Max is a Great Bernese. His sire is a Bernese Mountain Dog and his dam is a Great Pyrenees. He is the smartest dog that we have ever been around. He has an immediate response to any request and truly seeks to do the right thing everyday. He knows about 30 tricks. He wants to learn more but we are out of ideas! Half of the time, I can't remember all of them and I look to him to remind me the rest! He remembers some that my son taught him that I never knew about. How ironic that the dog teaches the human the tricks! I think that he missed his calling as a movie star. He is extremely athletic, engaging and entertaining. He is also very loyal, nurturing, sensitive and loving. Just the sweetest guy. Max is also the best dad ever! He is involved right from labor, attentively staying by Lilly's side and helping to lick the newborns. He snuggles, cleans bottoms, plays when they get old enough, protects them while they are outside and teaches age appropriate doggies rules. Wt. 106 lbs.


Mother of the Great Bernese puppies born on 06/30/2019
Lilly is a Great Bernese. Her sire is a Great Pyrenees and her dam is a Bernese Mountain Dog. She is happy, nurturing, loving, calm, tolerant, playful, smart and always does the right thing in any situation. She is as friendly as they come and loves everyone that she meets. She is up for anything and I do not think that she has had a grumpy moment in her life. ? She is brave too. On at least two occasions that we witnessed, she chased bears right off of our Montana property when they got too close to our horses! She can't pass up an opportunity to help an insecure dog at the dog park and she has a big smile on her face when a toddler is crawling all over her! Living up to the guardian breed that she is, she has helped to raise many babies of several different species of animals on our farm. We were so happy for her when she finally had her own babies to love too! She is an unbelievable mother in every way. Just flawless at each stage of development. Wt. 115 lbs.

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  1. Tags:
  2. Great Bernese
  3. Bernese Mountain Dog
  4. Great Pyrenees
  5. Designer Breed
  6. Great with children and animals
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