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  • GSMD pups ready to go, BEAUTIFUL litter

    Member since: 07/22/2016

    Breed(s): Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
    Location: KERRVILLE, TX

    Lonestar swissies has been around for 25 years, starting with the original foundation stock- we have breed and had the pleasure of having the most gorgeous GSMDs of anywhere, incorporating Stud dogs of Russian descent and straight from the home country of Switzerland. If you are looking for a companion for the family, an obediance master, or anytype of working dog from in the frozen snow to the hot Texas summers look no further. Although, they and we prefer them to be relaxing inside with the family or playing outside with the kids. We have raised numerous Champions, all litters are derived from champion bloodlines, and have retired multiple awards for our breeding standards and results, have had dogs in the top ten for multiple years, not including other shows, but the most prestigious award being best of breed three years in a row in New York at Westminster Kennel Club, our stud dogs and Brood Bitches have retired trophies for their excellence in standards of looks, behavior and contuisy to provide beautiful, wonderful temperament GSMDs in America. We do not show them any more so much, and just have a litter every now and again. Where they are placed is based on families disposition, space availability, willingness to wait for AKC papers until the puppy has been neutered or spayed as according to breeding standards.

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    Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Dog Breeder in Texas

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