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  • Golden Irish Dog For Adoption in Pacific Grove, CA



    Breed: Golden Irish
    Sex: Female Female
    Age: Senior
    Location: Pacific Grove, CA
    Posted Breed: Golden Retriever / Irish Setter / Mixed. Jessie is a lovely Golden Retriever/Irish Setter mix who is 11 years old, and weighs in at about 60 pounds. Jessie is super friendly with new people and has the loving, gentle personality of a Retriever. She rides quietly in the car, snoozing in the back seat, and is happy to arrive at just about any destination as long as she's with you. She loves cookies and long walks, although she can pull on the leash when she has pent up energy. For this reason, an active adopter where she gets enough exercise is a must. She loves running around the big yard at her foster home and hitting the trail for a hike with her family. At home, she's mellow and happy to relax by your side. Jessie's foster home includes a few other dogs, kitties and chickens. She peacefully coexists with everybody. She is also good with gentle children. She is is house-trained and crate-trained. Jessie was adopted from us in 2014 and has enjoyed the last few years with her adopter but after a recent injury, her adopter has realized she can no longer give her the exercise she needs. She has been a very loved dog.
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    Golden Irish Dog For Adoption in Pacific Grove, CA

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